About a B’klyn<3

Welcome to my web space!  I hope you enjoy your stay.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY in the mid 70s, where I grazed mightily on the fields of pizza which stretched for miles and miles and were utterly delicious.  I actively pursued many activities:  speech and debate, gospel choir, various church activities, year book, drawing and painting, and pizza sampling.  I also tried very hard to avoid any physical activity (aside from walking to school and/or pizza shops not in my immediate vicinity).

Late grade school was when I got a little self conscious about my weight.

High school was when I realized I was very much unhappy with my weight, as it was in the 200s already.  This is when I “stopped gaining” and would for many years lie to others and myself about the true number.

College is when it became a big issue, and therefore made half-hearted attempts to turn things around.

Post-college is when I made real efforts to lose some weight.  Excessive exercise, shake diets, no carb diets, latest fad diet.

Nothing lasted.  Nothing worked.

I was in the 300s and didn’t even realize.

On a random day in June of 2009 I went to my very first WeightWatchers meeting.  Frankly, I did not expect much.  I didn’t expect anything, except the same pattern of losing some weight, feeling proud, then feeling deprived and then quitting and gaining it all back with friends.  There was a part of me, however, that wanted to give things one final try…

… and happily, it worked!  I learned how to eat in the real world and still lose weight and live life.  I dropped 176 pounds and, for the first time in my life past 6-years old was a normal weight.

Now there are new challenges that face me.  I find myself worrying about things that likely will not come to pass (putting it all back on over-night, not being able to do those things I’ve come to enjoy doing, having changed my lifestyle in may unexpected ways).   This blog space will be about my continued work on the project of me:  learning more about me, what I’d like to do, and the things I’m doing to get there.

I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to be the best me that ever was.  So what if I’m the only me that ever was or will be? 🙂


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