One first:  This would represent the most posts I have had in a month.  It may be due to my Work Out Log Challenge… but that will end soon, and the accountability has played a big part in my overall success I think.  Please bear with me; at least it hasn’t been every day.

So I think the prevailing crazy-voice in my head is the one going “La-la-laaaa!” in a very loud voice in an effort to calm the growing panic over the following facts:

1) This will be the first Thanksgiving that I’ve hosted at my house.
2) This will be the first Thanksgiving that I’ve cooked the entire menu.
3) This will be the first Thanksgiving where I’m at my goal weight and a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member (read: I want to stay at said weight).
4) This will be my first vegan Thanksgiving.
5) This will be the first time I’m cooking vegan food for the entire family.

Engage panic mode.

*panic mode engaged*



/panic mode

Frankly, what I’m worried about most is that somehow I feel like I’m not worried enough about these things.  Is that a funny way to feel?  I think so.  Though… maybe not.  I’m in love with my own cooking, so I run forward thinking that everyone else will be too… a strange and undeserved streak of confidence.  I’m also kind of surprised and stoked that the family were really into this (I was sure it’d be just me, The Husband and FiL).  To be able to share a meal that is compassionate and healthful (haha, not all exactly healthy except from certain perspectives) with those that I love most in the world… well, it’s a wonderful (if pressuring) opportunity.

Then again, part of their enthusiasm may have to do with the fact that they do not have to cook.

Really?  That’s just fine with me.  You know I love to cook.  Though if I need diced carrots… I better have started 3 days ago.

New traditions will begin at my house in just a few days, and you know what?  I need to just not worry about it.  It’ll be great, and they may like it, they may not… but the one tradition I intend to keep is the tradition of gathering with my family and being grateful.

1) I’m grateful that I can host Thanksgiving at my house this year.
2) I’m grateful that get to cook an entire menu of food (with assistance from the most wonderful The Husband in the world).
3) I’m grateful that I’m finally at a healthy weight for the first time in my life, and if I indulge a bit this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that I know exactly how to get back to where I was (read: I’m grateful for Weight Watchers).
4) I’m grateful that the past year has shown me a better path for my life and a lifestyle I continue to grow into.
5) I’m grateful that I have a loving and open-minded/open-hearted family, and the opportunity once again to give folks more credit than I usually do.

The only worry I have is about the back-to-back races I have coming up in just two weeks than any of the things I’ve mentioned above!

… well, this is not true.  There is one thing Thanksgiving related that I do worry about.  A lot, given my recent trend.

Will the Thanksgiving ER visit be because a) I’ve sliced myself deeply, b) I’ve burned myself severely… or c) I’ve sliced myself deeply trying to put out the fire I’ve set myself on?*

* Feel free to answer.  I personally think C myself.


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