Workout Log Challenge – Day 9 and Day 10

Pulling double duty today*, as yesterday felt pretty crapola… and most of today until maybe a couple of hours ago.

A ‘la Oh She Glows

Date: 2011-11-07 (AKA, Day 9)

Type of workout/duration: Morning – Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Level 2, 30 minutes, Evening – Run, 10 minutes (!!!)

Hours of sleep: 5.5 hours.  Maybe the cause of the swing!

My mood before/during/after exercise: Morning exercise was okay.  I felt not bad, but not all great either.  Day kind of plummeted from there.

Exercise struggles:  The run was the worst.  I made about 10 minutes before my pounding the pavement gave my head a great pounding, so I ultimately stopped.  Felt bad about it, but the headache was taking over.

Exercise progress:  Glad I made at least 10 minutes of running.  The headache is explained the next day…

How I felt the rest of the day: Downward energy… to be explained…

Other things to note: Seriously, go to the next day…


Date: 2011-11-08 (AKA, Day 10)

Type of workout/duration: Morning – Step, 30 minutes!

Hours of sleep: About 7, I turned in early due to headache that stayed with me until around 4 or 5 PM today… I love me some epic headaches.  Well, not so much me as “Auntie Flo” does.  She likes to assert that the incorrect answer to “Who’s the boss?” is Tony Danza.

My mood before/during/after exercise: Horrendous, but I’d feel worse if I didn’t do anything, such is the guilt that lies within.

Exercise struggles:  Working through the headache was a pain, but I made it through.

Exercise progress:  Screw you, “Auntie Flo”!

How I felt the rest of the day: Slow improvement.  I feel like a human being now.

Other things to note: The Husband just congratulated me on my period.

*snicker* double doody.  Totally not what I typed… but *snicker* *snicker*


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