Taking Off The Crazy Pants. Again.

Today, I put the scale away.

Yes.  Again.

Because it is all well and good when you put the scale away, and then after a while say “I’ll weigh myself once a day.”  And then that once a day becomes twice a day.  Then thrice a day.  Then, when you think to yourself, “I just typed a half paragraph and ate a piece of cookie omghowmuchdoIweighnow?!”, it becomes time to put the scale away.


Now I am still a firm believer in the once-a-day-weigh.  I really do like to keep a handle of where I am at… it is when it becomes crazy-obsessive-obnoxious that yes, again, I must put it away.

Otherwise, folks will tend to notice that I’m kind of wearing the Crazy Pants Urkel style.

In the meantime, keeping up with the fitness so far… day 4 of logging!  I’m stoked to be keeping up with it and hopefully will see the results of hard work.  Right now, however, I’m revisiting muscles that used to get a good work out, then were not, and now are complaining to management that they can’t seem to make up their mind about whether they should be used or not.

At the gym, I saw a woman running with gazelle-like strides and grace.  “Damn,” I thought to myself, “I wish I could be like her.”  Then I looked all around me… old, young, thin, overweight, everyone chugging along at different paces, speeds… but all working.

Damn.  I wish I could be like all of these people.  Just doing what we can when we can.  Striving for progress.

At least I have a direction, and I have some motivation and momentum.

I will get there.  That’s all there is to it.


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