Sometimes It’s Not Ultra Fabulous… (But OK Is Not Bad!)

Happier Chana Times…

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with Chickpeas…

… So was I also obsessed with this recipe for Chana Masala.

I’ve made it several times…

… and it is the most gorgeous thing ever.  

I lament when it is all done.

I made it tonight…

… and made some changes.

We usually make half the recipe…

… tonight we made the full.

While I love me some chickpeas…

… I decided I would try some spinach love.

Because we made the full recipe…

… I wound up using my pot rather than pan like I normally would.

It all wound up spelling…

… not disaster.

Just not my ultra fabulous rock-your-effing-socks-off Chana Masala.

Every bite was fabulous…

… just not ultra fabulous.
I promise I will not alter you again, Chana Masala.

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