Marching Along (Or, Mad as a March "Hair"… Or, Could Not Decide On Title)

Tomorrow is a new day.  Will I be feeling good?  Frankly, I do not think so.  Even weighing myself once a day, I can see day-to-day my weight going up and down like a roller-coaster of… weight.  

I really wish I could stress less about it, but it’s apparently a “good moon” for me to stress, if you catch my drift?  

I managed to get all but one of the Kanji squares
upside-down!  At least the boarders are okay.

…You don’t?  Well, that’s okay.  I am more prone to stressing right about now, is all you need to know.  

… Or not.  I’m sharing, you’re reading… so there you go.


Despite the ups and downs (still waaaaaay more downs and ups), I will not let the last 16 pounds defeat me.  No sir/madam!  

In any case… I think I’m better off for the weighing once a day thing, though I really want to weight 8 or 11 times a minute.  It’s been doable so far… and making me less crazy.  

Really.  I know, I know… it’s barely noticeable… I am ever the crazy pants… but I can even tell it’s there!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So here’s a NSV… really, nothing to do with weight at all… HAIR!  I got it done (where we got our wonderful one-a-day notion), and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments.  Unexpected!  Even today, when I have finally failed to re-create the original salon look so I kind of went with something, it was complimented.  I went to purchase fabric pencils and tape, and the check out person (very young and pretty) said my hair looked fabulous!  It’s all been making me feel good because I really like the cut.  The stylist (who asked me to pick out several pictures of things I liked, and then finally came up with what I have now) would be the first and only stylist that I’ve visited more than twice.  It’s great to have someone you can trust with the trusses!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now, the quilting thing… it’s taking me forever, and I suck at it…. but I really enjoy it a lot!  I have a ton of homework to do, so my social life has been a bit non-existent this week, but hopefully by next week I will be all done and have a lovely quilt to show you all.  Some preview pictures here of my wacky color-scheme (though the room where I took these has particularly bad lighting, but when it’s done we’ll have some nice natural light and you can see… the wacky color-scheme!)

I’m told that in actuality, I got all but one of the
Kanji squares right-side up.  Who’s counting?

Of course, my quilt top is rife with error.  Squares are not quite on square… which, I’m told, tends to be important.  The one mistake that will HAUNT ME FOREVER is despite my careful planning and checking and double-checking and triple-checking… I manged to get 31 of 32 Kanji squares upside down.  Now, my (totally cool) teacher Cheryl at Quilting Adventures has told me that, in fact, I got 1 of 32 upside down… but I think a lot of you have met me and know my ways.  31 upside-down! 😉

All in all, the new hobby is working out and I’m looking forward to making some more stuff… quilting or otherwise.  Sewing, though frustrating (to me, I still have hang ups that knitting hasn’t quite broken me of yet), is incredibly fun… and at the end of it, you get really neat stuff!  (Much like knitting that way).  I’m already thinking of the coordinating pillows (with that panel that inspired the wacky color scheme) and a coin purse from the leftover scraps (a birthday gift was a couple of quilting books, one of which had what to do with my beautiful scraps written all over it).  

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The sad news is that my sweater has been languishing a bit.  I’ve been trying to pick up collar stitches for a while now, and I find after getting half way through just fine, I get to the end being 1 to 2 stitches short….

I told you knitting hasn’t broken me of many of my bad habits yet!

Tomorrow… weigh in.  Not get upset or be crazy.  Adjust attitude.  Adjust plan as needed.  Feel energized by having a new day.  Program.  Quilt.  Sew.  Cook.  Enjoy.  

Marching right along!


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