Steam, Soup, Squares and Spice World

And, no.  Not that Spice World.

If the fruit is making me fat again, at least
I can maybe get on the news circuit about it…
If there is a bright side…

On Steam – To get the serious out of the way… sometimes feel like I’m running out of it.  I’m hurtling towards my 36th birthday, and feeling like I’ve not accomplished what I set out to do.  Despite my “yay me!” post of recent, it’s done nothing to improve my mood.  

Indeed, I have actually gained a little more weight.  

I’m not entirely sure why at this point.  Could be normal fluctuation, muscle… despite me thinking I am following the plan, I am somehow not…  It’s certainly not any cheeseburgers or pizza binges, so I do feel a little cheated in that respect. 

Here, I just have to remember… just because I get a flat tire, I should not get out of the car and simply slash the other three.  (My leader said this, and she’s the coolest… just sayin’).  Trying to keep strong for everyone, but it’s important to know it’s not always win… but when it’s not win, do not give up!  (See… I even have to remind myself sometimes.)

The name comes from how I could
not pronounce the name correctly!

On Soup – It’s a rare, wonderful occasion when The Husband raves on food.  It’s not his style, normally.  So when I made what I now call Faux  Phö, I was surprised to hear him rave prior to having tasted a single bite (the aroma alone sent him flying).  I really want him to be pleased with the stuff I make (since I try to go all crazy style sometimes like Hungry Girl, who is a constant inspiration), and despite my inclusion of Tofu Shirataki noodles (which he has not liked in several occasions)…  he loved this dish!  

Despite the love, I do want to make a couple of minor tweaks (as demonstrated, I need to add in a little water as the broth was not quite enough), but I have to say… the flavor was gorgeous, it was not too salty, and the best part is that it was very low calorie… thanks to Shiratake (so thanks again, Hungry Girl)!  Will make again during the birthday long weekend and post a recipe once it is 100% satisfactory (it’s 99% already).

On Squares – Second class in, and I’m still slow going… these will become my quilt front, and I have some (read: a lot!) of homework to do before next class (yay long weekend), but I’m pleased.  The colors were based on a Japanese style panel I saw, which I’ll pick up some to make a throw pillow or two.  Since I am enjoying sewing, I will be picking up a new sewing machine (yay birthday) on the nice and cheap… and it seems to have good reviews overall.  Good starter, I think.  Now, I can complain about not having any time to knit nor sew.

On this note… someone remind me that the next time I’m new at something and decide it would be a good idea to use a … thing that only makes sense in one direction and it’s important that I keep that direction consistent (such as a fabric that has kanji on it)… to stop being so crazy pants and use the KISS principle.  Why must I insist on running before I learn to walk?  This is why it takes me so long to do anything ever…

The first set to make the cut.
More to follow…

And, of course, on Spice World – So, after never hearing about Penzey Spices, and then hearing about it from two separate sources in a matter of 14 hours… I finally got to make my first visit.  Fantastic!  I think I wanted one of about everything in the store.  Such a variety of wonderful smells!  I really wanted to pick up all the cinnamon they had (I’m such a cinnaholic these days…) but eventually picked out the very best one (which did turn out to be the one my friend, the first source, also had and gave me a delicious sample), as well as… well, as you can see, I went a little spice-crazy.  Just a little.  So far have sampled 2 of them within hours of returning and will have at least 2 more before the night is through and the rest within the rest of this week… The damage was not as bad as it could have been, but I have to save some for future visits, right?  

The spice must flow!  It does make me zig-a-zig-ah!  … and various other bad jokes.


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