Accomplishment and Disappointment

Good news first:

This piece was lovingly hand-crafted
over the course of several hours…

  • Finished the body of my sweater (link to pattern author and pictures of hers, not mine)!  I figured it’d be about time to finish it now that the weather is warming up.  Currently going through the torture of picking up stitches for the shawl collar… but at least a major piece is done.
  • Started my learning to quilt class on Saturday, which was fun.  Of course, with the measuring and the cutting I was a bit… well, me.  So I was the last one to make my four-patch square.  It’s beautiful!  
  • Got to hang out with my friends a bit.  They are very good people, supportive and loyal and funny and fun to be around.  Warms the heart.
  • Ate some pizza, huzzah!  Pizza Fusion has become one of my favorites down here.  I always get Spinach and Artichoke… it has garlic on it (gaaaaaahlic), and it is simply delicious.
  • In tribute to my favorite organic pizza, I created a (non-organic, boo) recipe for Spinach and Artichoke Ziti Bake!  I can have this slightly more often as it is not as caloric… and it is delicious!  I look forward to posting the recipe soon!
Now bad news:

My daily fiber.  Very low calorie!
  • Picking up stitches is, in fact, torture.  My yarn, while beautiful, is not very forgiving, and tends to split, making the process twice as fun.
  • That four-patch?  I have to make 31 more of those prior to next Saturday, and also cut 32 larger squares.  
  • I need to clear out my clutter in order to set up sewing machine and equipment to accomplish the above.
  • My weight has gone right back up (not because of pizza… but I think I’ve been slacking and allowing too many BLTs (bites, licks, tastes).  There may have been fluctuation going on.
  • Easy come, easy go, Wii™ has me back as being overweight.  Wednesday should be fun. 😦
  • Not only still too busy at work, I also get to be on call for work this week.
  • And I’ve not blogged for several days.  Many a recipe review backed up…
Lots to accomplish, and very little time to do it.  Have a good week out there, and send a thought and/or prayer my way!  Let’s make it through together guys!

Maybe I got a little big again, but so did my sweater.

One thought on “Accomplishment and Disappointment

  1. This is why I don't own a Wii. Because:

    a) Even when I hit what I think is the absolute lowest I should weigh, it would still call me overweight.
    b) It is made by Japanese people. Japanese people are sticks. Japanese people made Princess Maker, where you get scolded if your daughter weighed more than 110 pounds.

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