Happy Friday! Alt+0174. You’re welcome.

TGIF, for real!

I guess many days of cooking and thinking about cooking wore me out from cooking… I did stir fry from a bag.  It was okay, and probably made so due to the nice boneless, skinless chicken breast we had on hand, as well as extra broccoli (thank you Hungry Girl for that suggestion!), some sliced green onions (green onions are awesome) and some of the husband’s home-made garlic chili sauce.  I pretty much ate that without rice … didn’t feel like a starch.  Worked out nice and was very veggie.

After I threw together a frozen banana and some fat free milk and a tsp of vanilla.  YUM!  Made me look for other things to make with it, and I may try this recipe very soon.  I have all of the ingredients on hand currently… it looks awesome!

Been able to work in a little more exercise each day but I wish to get in even more.  I will need to get up 10 minutes after I go to bed at this rate.  I feel so very whiny about not losing any significant weight, but I can’t say I’m displeased with here I’m at.  I still will not give up, it’ll take as long as it takes.

Also… don’t tell anyone, this is just between you and me.  And don’t make any loud or sudden movements or you may scare it away but… today, as I was getting ready… (shhhh now…) I saw the teeniest, tiniest hint … (of a tricep!)



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