Why Everything®?

It’s a phrase that, if you’ve met me in real life, you’ve heard me utter at least once.  The longer you’ve known me, the more you’ve heard me say it, write it… probably have expressed it not so much with words but with just the right glint in my eye.  If you are The Husband, it’s probably one of the three phrases you think make up 70% of “things she says”, along with Where’s the measuring spoon? and I bought yarn today.

Perhaps you’ve laughed.  Perhaps you’ve thought I should go to an anger-management class.  Or, perhaps you’re that friend who once purchased me this refrigerator magnet.

However, you may have also expressed a rather sarcastic Gee, thanks!  You may have pulled out your saddest of sad faces and said, Why?  Why do you hate me too?

So I feel like I should explain.  Except I won’t.  I will, however, offer you these choices.  

  1. I do.  I hate you, because I, in fact, hate everything®.
  2. I round up.  It’s easier to say than “I hate most things except these persons, places or things that I will now list in alphabetical order [alphabetical list of persons, places and things I don’t hate], so obviously I don’t mean you*.”
  3. It’s just something I say, like “Where’s the measuring spoon?” or “I bought yarn today.”
  4. Bacon.
  5. I don’t hate everything but, in fact, wished I hated everything because hate is an easy cop-out and absolute.  In fact, I deeply care about everything** and sometimes have varying levels of disappointment that I sometimes do not know how to deal with except to throw up my hands and spew utter nonsense.
So there you go.  You be the judge.


On some positive notes:

  • Did not run again today (I hate everything®, just saying), but I’m a little glad since I would have likely repeat finding that random patch of ice and add further bruising.  So go me.
  • With the assistance of The Husband made some lovely Cooking Light’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Fiery Asian Slaw.  No real modifications except to reduce the salmon fillet size slightly, since I’m all WeightWatcher-y.  The skin did not become crispy (as I likely did not have my heat medium-high-enough), but it still came out very delicious.  The Husband approved, as it seems to be the first cooked salmon recipe he’s liked and it’s the first salmon recipe that I’ve liked enough that I’d make it again.  So go me s’more.
  • Knit at least 2 rows of my sweater (Ravelry link to the pattern, you may need an account to see), so super yay me for actually trying today!
  • Un-knit a row of my Autumn Leaves Stole, which may seem like negative progress… and, yes, it is… but it represents the growth of me not ripping back the entire project.  So go me, it’s my birthday!*** 
Asia-inspired week will come to a close tomorrow with another WeightWatchers recipe.  After that… I’m getting some pizza, though next week may see an attempt at a more-different General Tso’s recipe

* Can’t really guarantee that based on whether I’m trying to be polite.  Just saying.  Re-read my entire list and relax… I probably really don’t mean you.

** Then again, I may just be rounding up.

*** Depending on when you read this, it is likely not my actual birthday.  It certainly wasn’t on the day I wrote this.****

**** You’re returning the gift?  No wonder I hate everything®.


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