Sometimes, Things Can’t Be Simple

  • Did not get a chance to post yesterday (last night) due to lack of time.
  • Have still been meeting my Healthy Guidelines every day.  Me exercising while sick was very comical except to the girl who lived it.
  • Had our sushi night last night at Tokyo Sushi.  Soothes the soul.
  • Ran out of OMG, Potato!  As a result, threw together another Oatmeal, back to the combination of butternut squash and apple.
  • Fell in love with Pink Lady apples (and have now learned a little more about them thanks to that Wiki link.
  • Weight loss still at a standstill, though I have lost 1/5th of a pound from last week.  Woo?
  • Work is frustrating as things that should be simple and quick are anything but.
  • Still have not knit, despite being given a couple of good opportunities.
  • Running is now a continued issue.  I am wishing for spring to spring early, I do miss it and I hate running on a treadmill that much.  Especially if it is in Short Pump.
  • Sorry Short Pump, I love your stuff but I cannot abide your traffic…
  • Was a nice, warm day, and then I got to drive home in the dark and snow!
  • In short… I hate everything®.
Tonight, Cooking Light’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Fiery Asian Slaw…  Let’s see how the streak goes.

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