Simple Sometimes is Best

Very brief as I am feeling very ill, but some things have to be said.

  • Today, I woke up feeling dreadful.  It got worse for the large portion of the day, and is now finally subsiding (as in, my chest doesn’t feel like it’s going to implode and I drank enough tea to sooth the glass-swallowing throat, as well as enough tea to simply float away…).  The cold I started getting Saturday, it was like it paused to take a breath, and then yell out “YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SICK IS!”  I hope it thinks I’ve learned my lesson, because I am done.

  • WeightWatchers General Tso’s Chicken is one of their most popular recipes.  I did mod it (because that’s what I tend to do) by adding in some broccoli.  We ate, and The Husband ultimately did not approve (which is not to say he did not like it, but the name set up an expectation, and he did not find his expectation was met).  I, on the other hand, thought it was gorgeous, knowing full well from the picture it is not General Tso’s Chicken.  It was, however, very tasty and flavorful.

  • On the other hand, both The Husband and The Wife (hey, that’s me) agree that all 3 people who read this blog and many others should go out now and make this Cooking Light Mongolian Beef.  Blog reading can wait.  This dish is not to be missed!  Unintentional mod of not having enough green onion (we only had about half on hand), which would have otherwise made the dish perfect.  The “over rice noodles” recommendation also spot-on.  Simply tasty and gorgeous and filling.  Almost didn’t need the side salad which was largely based off of Cooking Light’s Spinach Strawberry Salad, which served as a nice counterpart to the spicy beef and was in no way, shape or form Asian inspired.  Can’t win them all… but The Husband did enjoy the flavor, so a win.
Yes.  That was a short post.  Going to go pass out again now.

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