Happy Friday! I Made a Philly Cheese ‘Shroom Sandwich!

Thank goodness it is Friday (and, more importantly, after work on a Friday) because I was having a mad case of Friday-itis.  I really wanted to just go out and swing on a swing set or run around and skip and jump and play.  Every three hours after hard work I’d look and see that 4 minutes went by.  

Today took forever!

However it is done and then I finally got to scratch that itch I had.  I made myself a Philly Cheese ‘Shroom Sandwich!  

It is not a recipe I’ve made all my own… I am going to work on that.  It is largely based on this Weight Watchers recipe for a renovated Cheese Steak Sandwich (which in of itself is good but…)

  • There was a day I was in the mood for something slathered in onions, mushrooms and cheese, so I looked for a burger recipe.
  • The recipe I linked looked good, but had no mushrooms.
  • I made the recipe and ate it… but it didn’t quite get the itch.  Why?
  • I decided that if it only tasted more like mushrooms and onions, and less like steak…
Thus, the idea was born.  The mods include:
  • Removed the steak.
  • Replaced with huge portobello mushrooms.
  • Replaced the onion and sugar with sweet onion (vidalia) for a natural sweet.
  • Sautéd with extra-virgin olive oil (get that healthy oil in girl!)
… and that’s about it.  Recipe as normal otherwise.  

The result… “deliciousnessness.  Itch well scratched, and I was over the moon. The Husband also gave it his seal of approval (and went so far as to say that he didn’t miss the meat… and this boy loves his steak, so that’s saying something!)

Of course, as I can never leave well enough alone, I will mod it a little more… play with the recipe a bit to make it well and truly my own, and then share with this blog and anyone who may care.  In any case, anyone can really try to do it based on what I have so far.  Making food my own really makes it so much more enjoyable!  I love to cook!

The Husband got his sandwich on a fancy, wheat-but-calorific kaiser roll.  I opted to try out using Arnold Bread Sandwich Thins Multi-grain bread.  With low cal bread, you can either get volume but no substance, or substance but … a flat bread (construction-wise I mean!)  I opted for the latter for this since I figured the mushroom and onion would need something to stick to.  I am very pleased with this bread, it’s very tasty and an excellent conveyance of sandwich contents!  Will use again (for this sandwich again… it will be made again!)

On this note, I say this.  Watch Bitchin’ Kitchen.  It’s just a fun and awesome show!


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