Not Dead Yet!

The cold that just would not go away is starting to finally break down and go away.  At least I hope it is.  Last night was pretty miserable (it seems to be 1000 times worse at night for the most part) but I think it may be finally passing.

Breakfast of Champions and/or Sick Women

This morning’s meal was totally about comfort, since I was feeling so unwell and The Husband was pretty knocked out from an epic Arkham Horror game that lasted until 3AM.  Well, he could have gone to bed the night before at 8PM and still sleep until noon the next day.  Just saying.

My milk was heated up nicely with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and sugar free sweetener.  I sliced up a banana and threw in some blackberries and a strawberry for both color and (hello!) yum.  The oatmeal is the same I’ve been noshing on for days (butternut squash and apple), but with some blueberries thrown on top because I suddenly felt that this would be the thing that would finally defeat this cold.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There was knitting done this weekend!  My excitement of this is somewhat lessened by the fact that I finished a pattern repeat thinking I could move on to the ribbing (which would mean a significant change, and likely get exciting again), but as it turns out I’m tall and like my clothes long.  Great.  I will knit some more after I finish up this short post.

The last time I eat lunch at my desk… at home or work!

I picked up a magazine called Real Simple and I’ve been really enjoying it.  One thing I saw in there (really as a little side bar versus one of their big, fancy-article like meals) was a simple recipe for a roast beef and cheese wrap. Wrap, coleslaw mix that is mixed with sour cream and horseradish, titicular roast beef, cheese and Bob’s your uncle, sandwich.

I was hell bent to on having this sandwich.  So hell bent was I that I failed to notice that (a) we had no coleslaw mix and (b) The Husband could not find a roast beef that would be friendly to my eating lifestyle.  I wound up replacing the roast beef with ham, and made my own slaw mix… which is just cabbage and carrot, both of which I had on hand.  Ultimately made the sandwich healthier, but by proportion I could not wrap that thing to save my life.  I gave up, and managed to eat it without getting a mess all over myself.

The one thing I wonder about is the wrap.  It is Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Tortilla*.  It’s tasty for sure, and got the job done.  It has 12 grams of fiber, and 5 carbohydrates.  Not net carbohydrates.  This lists simply 5 carbohydrates.

Can a food have more fiber than it does carbohydrates?  I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the concept.  Is this a typo?  Do I dare trust a food that not only uses the term extreme in its title, but also spells it without the e?!  I’m still trying to find out if this is vaguely possible.  Otherwise it’s my new wrap BFF.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Cooking Light’s Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta, almost as cheesy as me.

Tonight’s dinner was a pretty tasty treat:  Cooking Light’s Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta.  It was not too difficult to put together (especially with The Husband‘s help… thank you The Husband!  During prep, I also met my new prep knife BFF in this Crate and Barrel Mini Santoku Knife I picked up yesterday out of sheer frustration of not being able to find this Kuhn Rikon knife I wanted in purple.  I may still get that knife, but found the C&B knife to deliver what I was looking for… something I could chop my herbs and veg with and not fight with to get said chopped items off the blade.

The served up dish was fantastic and aromatic.  Shallots and bacon… is there anything they can’t do?  I served it with a small side of julienned carrot and pepper because I wanted something a little extra on the dish.  A small drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.  There were minor (WW friendly of course) mods to the recipe (here I am again, making a “light” recipe lighter), the two biggest of which were making it serve 6 instead of 5 (serves 5?) and the addition of some spinach that would have otherwise gone bad but instead added little splashes of color and lovely spinach flavor.

Carrots for even more healthiness.  

Both The Husband and I enjoyed it… but I’m inclined to agree that the dish did not taste anything like butternut squash!  Pasta, cheese, bacon, scallions… all of those were there.  BNS… not so much.

I’d make this again, but I may tweak to reduce to pasta and increase the squash.  Not sure what else… it would have been nice to get more squash flavor, I think.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And there’s a day of me eating.  There were a couple of extra things, such as a salad of crunchy veg, tomatoes, and olive oil (yay healthy oil!) and desert was luscious zucchini bread and apple (thus ending the day almost how I started it), plus and hour of exercise.  I hope you enjoyed the trip, and now I must get a few rows done before bed.

Tomorrow I plan to go running, so you should plan for a foot of snow, ice on the streets, or some sort of natural disaster, unless [Insert Your Deity of Choice Here] decides I can actually go running tomorrow…

In any case.. have a great week out there! 

* Link is to as Ole’s site isn’t very helpful on the linking to that particular product information.


I Haven’t Scared It Away Yet!

This morning I woke up and decided it was time to make the Zucchini Bread.  I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure how I would make the zucchini all shredded and (here’s what I n00b I am) it turns out I have a machine that makes short work of it!

Done and done!

So, the bread was moist and ever delicious.  I did not use as much sugar as is called for (not that I cut it in half or anything) but I am not sure why I didn’t realize this would be a sweet bread.  It was great, very delicious… just not quite what I was craving.

Slaw, Salmon and Bread… Yum!

When I re-heated my Crispy Skin Salmon with Fiery Asian Slaw, I decided I’d also pair this with the utterly-un-Asian Zucchini Bread, but with a twist!  I roasted some plum tomato slices (as well as some left-over zucchini) with a little drizzle of olive oil and salt.  When they were all nice and roasty, I reheated a serving of bread, then broiled the bread with tomato and sprinkles of Parmesan cheese on top (also topped remaining tomato and zucchini). A little drizzle of olive oil completed the delicious dish.

I should also note I re-seared the salmon, and did achieve the titicular* “crispy skin,” so score!

I should also note that the modification of cheese and oil and zucchini and tomato would affect calories… but not too badly, I’m not crazy.  Much.

Result was utter deliciousness! Tomato and zucchini, sweet and salty of the cheese… perfection!  Un-Asian, but very delicious!

I still have a Thai stir fry to accomplish, and then a butternut squash pasta to bake!

Also… Day 19 of meeting all the WeightWatchers good health guidelines.  It may kill me, but I love that this is a winning streak.

* I don’t know if this is a real word, but it was interesting what Windows thought I was trying to spell…

Happy Friday! Alt+0174. You’re welcome.

TGIF, for real!

I guess many days of cooking and thinking about cooking wore me out from cooking… I did stir fry from a bag.  It was okay, and probably made so due to the nice boneless, skinless chicken breast we had on hand, as well as extra broccoli (thank you Hungry Girl for that suggestion!), some sliced green onions (green onions are awesome) and some of the husband’s home-made garlic chili sauce.  I pretty much ate that without rice … didn’t feel like a starch.  Worked out nice and was very veggie.

After I threw together a frozen banana and some fat free milk and a tsp of vanilla.  YUM!  Made me look for other things to make with it, and I may try this recipe very soon.  I have all of the ingredients on hand currently… it looks awesome!

Been able to work in a little more exercise each day but I wish to get in even more.  I will need to get up 10 minutes after I go to bed at this rate.  I feel so very whiny about not losing any significant weight, but I can’t say I’m displeased with here I’m at.  I still will not give up, it’ll take as long as it takes.

Also… don’t tell anyone, this is just between you and me.  And don’t make any loud or sudden movements or you may scare it away but… today, as I was getting ready… (shhhh now…) I saw the teeniest, tiniest hint … (of a tricep!)


Why Everything®?

It’s a phrase that, if you’ve met me in real life, you’ve heard me utter at least once.  The longer you’ve known me, the more you’ve heard me say it, write it… probably have expressed it not so much with words but with just the right glint in my eye.  If you are The Husband, it’s probably one of the three phrases you think make up 70% of “things she says”, along with Where’s the measuring spoon? and I bought yarn today.

Perhaps you’ve laughed.  Perhaps you’ve thought I should go to an anger-management class.  Or, perhaps you’re that friend who once purchased me this refrigerator magnet.

However, you may have also expressed a rather sarcastic Gee, thanks!  You may have pulled out your saddest of sad faces and said, Why?  Why do you hate me too?

So I feel like I should explain.  Except I won’t.  I will, however, offer you these choices.  

  1. I do.  I hate you, because I, in fact, hate everything®.
  2. I round up.  It’s easier to say than “I hate most things except these persons, places or things that I will now list in alphabetical order [alphabetical list of persons, places and things I don’t hate], so obviously I don’t mean you*.”
  3. It’s just something I say, like “Where’s the measuring spoon?” or “I bought yarn today.”
  4. Bacon.
  5. I don’t hate everything but, in fact, wished I hated everything because hate is an easy cop-out and absolute.  In fact, I deeply care about everything** and sometimes have varying levels of disappointment that I sometimes do not know how to deal with except to throw up my hands and spew utter nonsense.
So there you go.  You be the judge.


On some positive notes:

  • Did not run again today (I hate everything®, just saying), but I’m a little glad since I would have likely repeat finding that random patch of ice and add further bruising.  So go me.
  • With the assistance of The Husband made some lovely Cooking Light’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Fiery Asian Slaw.  No real modifications except to reduce the salmon fillet size slightly, since I’m all WeightWatcher-y.  The skin did not become crispy (as I likely did not have my heat medium-high-enough), but it still came out very delicious.  The Husband approved, as it seems to be the first cooked salmon recipe he’s liked and it’s the first salmon recipe that I’ve liked enough that I’d make it again.  So go me s’more.
  • Knit at least 2 rows of my sweater (Ravelry link to the pattern, you may need an account to see), so super yay me for actually trying today!
  • Un-knit a row of my Autumn Leaves Stole, which may seem like negative progress… and, yes, it is… but it represents the growth of me not ripping back the entire project.  So go me, it’s my birthday!*** 
Asia-inspired week will come to a close tomorrow with another WeightWatchers recipe.  After that… I’m getting some pizza, though next week may see an attempt at a more-different General Tso’s recipe

* Can’t really guarantee that based on whether I’m trying to be polite.  Just saying.  Re-read my entire list and relax… I probably really don’t mean you.

** Then again, I may just be rounding up.

*** Depending on when you read this, it is likely not my actual birthday.  It certainly wasn’t on the day I wrote this.****

**** You’re returning the gift?  No wonder I hate everything®.

Sometimes, Things Can’t Be Simple

  • Did not get a chance to post yesterday (last night) due to lack of time.
  • Have still been meeting my Healthy Guidelines every day.  Me exercising while sick was very comical except to the girl who lived it.
  • Had our sushi night last night at Tokyo Sushi.  Soothes the soul.
  • Ran out of OMG, Potato!  As a result, threw together another Oatmeal, back to the combination of butternut squash and apple.
  • Fell in love with Pink Lady apples (and have now learned a little more about them thanks to that Wiki link.
  • Weight loss still at a standstill, though I have lost 1/5th of a pound from last week.  Woo?
  • Work is frustrating as things that should be simple and quick are anything but.
  • Still have not knit, despite being given a couple of good opportunities.
  • Running is now a continued issue.  I am wishing for spring to spring early, I do miss it and I hate running on a treadmill that much.  Especially if it is in Short Pump.
  • Sorry Short Pump, I love your stuff but I cannot abide your traffic…
  • Was a nice, warm day, and then I got to drive home in the dark and snow!
  • In short… I hate everything®.
Tonight, Cooking Light’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Fiery Asian Slaw…  Let’s see how the streak goes.

Simple Sometimes is Best

Very brief as I am feeling very ill, but some things have to be said.

  • Today, I woke up feeling dreadful.  It got worse for the large portion of the day, and is now finally subsiding (as in, my chest doesn’t feel like it’s going to implode and I drank enough tea to sooth the glass-swallowing throat, as well as enough tea to simply float away…).  The cold I started getting Saturday, it was like it paused to take a breath, and then yell out “YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SICK IS!”  I hope it thinks I’ve learned my lesson, because I am done.

  • WeightWatchers General Tso’s Chicken is one of their most popular recipes.  I did mod it (because that’s what I tend to do) by adding in some broccoli.  We ate, and The Husband ultimately did not approve (which is not to say he did not like it, but the name set up an expectation, and he did not find his expectation was met).  I, on the other hand, thought it was gorgeous, knowing full well from the picture it is not General Tso’s Chicken.  It was, however, very tasty and flavorful.

  • On the other hand, both The Husband and The Wife (hey, that’s me) agree that all 3 people who read this blog and many others should go out now and make this Cooking Light Mongolian Beef.  Blog reading can wait.  This dish is not to be missed!  Unintentional mod of not having enough green onion (we only had about half on hand), which would have otherwise made the dish perfect.  The “over rice noodles” recommendation also spot-on.  Simply tasty and gorgeous and filling.  Almost didn’t need the side salad which was largely based off of Cooking Light’s Spinach Strawberry Salad, which served as a nice counterpart to the spicy beef and was in no way, shape or form Asian inspired.  Can’t win them all… but The Husband did enjoy the flavor, so a win.
Yes.  That was a short post.  Going to go pass out again now.

Warm and Bakey

Unless it is summer (where I tend to go through cereal like a mad person), I like my breakfast hot and already prepared.  My first true attempts at make-ahead breakfast involved the WeightWatchers Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Oatmeal (which I’ve yet to make with pumpkin, but I have made with Butternut Squash, Apple, and a blend of those two things.

My newest attempt was a breakfast casserole.  Cooking Light’s Hash Brown Casserole with Bacon, Onion and Cheese was very rich and creamy… and potato-ey, wow!  It is crazy that it serves six!  Very generous portions.

Intended mod: Used fat-free cheese.  It melted just fine based on recipe instructions, and shaved off a few calories.

Unintended mod: Realized I used up all my scallions, so no green onions in this one.  Also, I didn’t have quite a cup of regular onion, so I subbed in some leftover red onion I had.

Verdict: will make again, but will maybe make it 8 portions and work on getting in more bacon flavor, which kind of got lost in the sea of onion and omg-potato.  I have to agree with The Husband on these things.